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9 Diet Keto Meal Plan for Perfect Body Shape

Diet Keto Meal Plan – When you’re searching for a good diet or weight loss program, chances are you’ll find out about the ketogenic or keto diet. That’s because the diet keto meal plan have become one of the most popular ones that are proven to eliminate excess weight and boost overall health.

Studies have found that practicing this low-carb, high-fat diet is able to promote fat loss and even enhance certain conditions like type 2 diabetes and cognitive disorders.

When following this ketogenic diet, carb intakes are usually reduced to less than 50 grams each day. On the other hand, fats are supposed to replace the majority of cut carbs and distribute around 75 percent of the total calorie intake.

Then, how should you practice this ketogenic diet on a daily basis? Switching your usual diet to this ketogenic diet can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. All you need to do is actually reducing your carbs intake while improving the fat and protein.

To help you get started, here I’ve put together 9 examples of the best meal plans for keto diet. Without further ado, let’s check this out!

1. 3-Day Keto Kick-Start and Menu Plan

source: WickedStuffed

This 3-day diet meal plan is the best to get you into ketosis in a quick way. Many people have used this meal plan as an easy way to get started on the keto diet.

In this one of keto diet meal plans, your focus is to consume 20g or less of net carbs every day. You shouldn’t consume too much protein and lots of fats. Then, you need to drink minimally 100oz of water each day and get enough salt and supplement with magnesium and potassium.

  • Breakfast

For breakfast, you can have Cream Cheese Pancakes with sugar-free syrup and butter along with coffee and meat or sausage. For the morning snack, you can get 2-3 string cheese.

  • Lunch

For lunch, you can have ham and cheese with arugula or spinach and mayonnaise. Then, for the afternoon snack, you can have half an avocado with salt and pepper or a cup of chicken broth.

  • Dinner

For dinner, you can have Classic Buffalo Wings or Cheesy Cauliflower Puree. On this 3-day keto meal plan, you can include dessert in your diet as well. In this case, you can have one serving of chocolate truffles or chocolate mousse.

2. Keto Egg Fast Diet Meal Plan

source: Incredible Egg

This is another recommended meal plan for a keto diet. Basically, this meal plan will suggest you consume eggs, butter, and cheese, with several exceptions for low-carb condiments such as hot sauce, mustard, and so on.

Then, the egg fast ratio is to consume 1tbsp fat and up to 1oz cheese for each egg consumed. Here are some recommendations for the menu you can have each day.

  • Breakfast

For breakfast, you can have 2-3 eggs scrambled or fried with 2tbsp butter along with coffee or tea. Then, you can have 1 string cheese for the morning snack.

  • Lunch

If you want to go with this one of keto diet meal plans, you can have 1 deli slice cheddar cheese, 1 serving Salted Caramel Mustard or 1 serving Fettuccini Alfredo for the lunch. For the afternoon snack, you can have half avocado with salt and pepper or 2 easy deviled eggs.

  • Dinner

For dinner, you can have 1 serving Buffalo Omelet, 2 Snickerdoodle Crepes, or 1 – 2 servings of Salted Caramel Custard.

3. 5-Day Keto Soup Diet


If you love to add veggies into your diet and also concern about the low-carb keto meal plan, this one can be the right choice for you. What makes this meal plan favorable is that you can easily modify the soup diet based on your personal preference.

More interestingly, this meal plan isn’t complicated at all. And you can gain the benefit for sure. Here are the recommended menus for each meal time.

  • Breakfast

For your breakfast, you can have egg dishes, meat, avocado, coffee or tea, and unsweetened bulletproof.

  • Lunch

For lunch, you can have keto diet soup followed by afternoon snacks such as romaine leaves, keto egg salad, keto tuna salad, or pieces of celery.

  • Dinner

For dinner, you are suggested to have another keto diet soup. The ingredients of the diet soup include white mushrooms, dried tomatoes, celery hearts, celery root, yellow squash, fresh basil, and others.

4. Simple Keto Meal Plan for Beginner

source: Fifteen Spatulas

Switching to a new diet plan can be overwhelming for most people. You may face a little bit of trial and error to find out the best keto diet meal plans that suit your individual condition. For beginner, this keto meal plan can be a good choice to get you started.

  • Breakfast

For the breakfast, you can have feta omelet, spinach, and mushroom with keto coffee or whole milk, sugar-free yogurt mixed with a few raspberries, walnuts, chia seeds, and full-fat sour cream.

  • Lunch

For lunch, you can opt for an oven-baked salmon with broccoli or a salad with avocado, nitrate-free meat, cheese, a few grape tomatoes, and pumpkin seeds with ranch cheese dressing.

You can also go with grilled chicken served with nitrate-free ham, pickle slices, cheese cubes, a hard-boiled egg, and a few kinds of veggies like cauliflower or broccoli.

  • Dinner

For dinner, you can have Caesar salad with romaine lettuce, meat, chicken breast, and parmesan or grilled chicken served with yellow squash, eggplant, and zucchini.

You can also opt for grass-fed ground beef sautéed with low-carb tomato sauce and onions.  This menu can be served with shirataki low-carb noodles or zucchini.

In addition, you can also include snacks in between your meal time. Cucumber slices with cream cheese and spicy guacamole with raw zucchini slices can be a good option.

5. General 7-Day Ketogenic Menu Plan

source: EatSmarter!

One-week keto meal plan is among the most favorite choices nowadays to reach ketosis. This is one of 7-day keto diet meal plans which can be changed depending on your dietary needs. Here are the recommended menus that you can include in your diet.

  • Breakfast

For breakfast, you can opt for having two eggs fried with sautéed greens, mushroom omelet, or bell pepper stuffed with eggs and cheese. You can also have full-fat yogurt topped with keto granola, backed avocado egg boats, or cauliflower toast topped with avocado and cheese.

  • Lunch

For lunch, a bunless grass-fed burger topped with mushrooms, avocado, and cheese or a tuna salad with tomato and celery atop a bed of greens can be a good choice. For another option, you can have arugula salad with turkey, avocado, hard-boiled eggs, and blue cheese.

  • Dinner

For dinner, you can have roast chicken with sautéed broccoli and cream sauce, grilled salmon with spinach sautéed in coconut oil, bison steak with cheesy broccoli, meatballs served with parmesan cheese and zucchini noodles, or lamb chops with vegetables.

6. Standard 14-Day Keto Diet Plan

This 2-week meal plan is ideal for you who want to follow a standard keto diet without any significant dietary restrictions. You’re allowed to include a snack in between your meal time here. For further, let’s check the meal plan below.

  • Breakfast

For breakfast, you can go for a two-egg omelet with mushrooms and spinach, two fried eggs in olive oil and avocado halve with tomato and cilantro salsa, or classic meat and eggs. You can also have 1 serving frittata with broccoli or scrambled eggs in butter with cilantro and tomato.

  • Snack

There are some possible options for the snack in this one of keto diet meal plans. You can have a handful of blueberries, soft cheese with cucumber slices, celery and peanut butter, or a handful of macadamia nuts. If you love chips, consider creating homemade zucchini chips for your diet.

  • Lunch

For lunch, you can opt for chicken salad with tomatoes plus artichoke hearts and mixed greens, meat-lettuce and tomato, roast beef served with arugula and pesto, or turkey slices served with avocado, cucumber and almonds.

  • Dinner

For dinner, you can have seared salmon served with a mixed green salad, lamb chops with herb butter, lettuce salad sandwich with tomato and chicken, or roasted chicken and cabbage with mayo.

7. 14-Day Vegetarian Keto Diet Plan

When it comes to vegetarian keto diet plan, the dieters are assumed to be egg-vegetarians or that they can eat eggs. In order to get plenty of protein, tofu, tempeh, and soy are allowed.

But, it is recommended to get the fresh ones over the processed options. Here is the modified keto diet plan which can be practiced by a vegetarian.

  • Breakfast

For breakfast, eggs cooked in coconut oil with roasted pepper and asparagus, two-egg omelet with mushrooms and spinach, or eggplant has topped with fried eggs can be a great choice.

You can also have keto coconut porridge, blackberry and strawberry smoothie, or low-carb blueberry pancakes.

  • Lunch

For lunch, you can opt for eggplant salad with boiled egg, artichoke hearts, and tomatoes, fried tofu and tomato, tempeh served with arugula, brie, and pesto, or roasted zucchini slices and cream cheese rolls.

  • Dinner

As many other keto diet meal plans out there, you don’t need to skip dinner. Here, you can have pan-fried tofu with steamed asparagus, tofu in cream sauce and steamed zucchini, or creamy lemon green beans and roasted cabbage.

8. 14-Day Dairy-Free Keto Diet Plan

Dairy products are usually on the keto diet plans because they provide all of the fatty goodness. However, if you want your keto diet plan to be dairy-free for some reasons, you can get inspired by this following menu.

  • Breakfast

For breakfast, scrambled eggs with tomato and cilantro, boiled eggs with mayonnaise, and eggplant hash make a good menu for the first week. In the following week, you can have Huevos Rancheros, two fried eggs with sautéed kale, or baked eggs with sausage and tomato.

  • Snack

You can also add a snack in between your breakfast and lunch or between your lunch and dinner. You can have a handful of strawberries, homemade zucchini chips, seasoned tomatoes, or a slice of fresh ham and zucchini.

  • Lunch

For lunch, you can have chicken salad with artichoke hearts, chicken salad in a jar with greens and olive oil, salami served with roasted pepper and mixed green salad, or pepperoni served with celery slices and cherry tomatoes.

  • Dinner

For dinner, you can opt for chicken stir-fry in canola oil with bok choy and cabbage, meat-wrapped asparagus, scallop avocado salad, or zucchini and walnut salad.

For the other options, you can have baked salmon with Brussels sprouts and pesto or beef in olive oil served with sautéed zucchini and tomato sauce.

9. Simple 14-Day Keto Diet Menu Plan

This is another sample of 14-day keto diet meal plan that makes it simple for you to reach ketosis. If you like variety, it can be a perfect keto meal plan for you. All menus here can be made easily at home, so you can effortlessly serve the meal you need. So, here’s the menu plan.

  • Breakfast

For breakfast, you can opt for scrambled eggs, keto cheese roll-ups, keto frittata with fresh spinach, or dairy-free keto latte in the first week. In the second week, you can have a no-bread keto breakfast sandwich, bulletproof coffee, keto egg muffins, or boiled eggs with mayonnaise.

  • Lunch

For lunch, you can have keto Asian beef salad, keto Caprese omelet, keto no-noodle chicken soup, keto avocado, meat, and goat cheese salad for the first week.

In the following week, you can have keto quesadillas, Italian keto plate, keto tuna salad with boiled eggs, or keto shrimp and artichoke plate.

  • Dinner

For dinner, you can opt for keto pizza, keto pesto chicken casserole, keto meat pie, keto carbonara, or keto tortilla with ground beef and salsa in the first week.

For the second week, you can have keto hamburger patties with creamy tomato sauce, keto fried salmon with cheese and broccoli, keto cheeseburger, or fathead pizza.

That’s all the nine samples of meal plans for getting started your keto diet. The point is to make everything simple and well-planned. Then, make sure you’re satisfied with what you eat since this diet will never work if you need to force yourself to eat something.

Now, you can use one of the nine keto diet meal plans above to reach ketosis. I hope you can achieve your goal and good luck!

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